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Elk Valley Casino | Crescent City | Del Norte County | Card Dealer School and Training

Free Blackjack
& Poker Dealer

Learn how to professionally deal Blackjack and Poker, run the table, and issue payouts.

Get started on your career path to become a professional Blackjack and Poker dealer. The Elk Valley Casino Dealer School will teach you how to deal, interact with guests, issue proper payout winnings and more.

No experience necessary. Although math is involved, you do not need to be great at it to become a dealer; a willingness to learn will go a long way. After successfully passing the gaming standards auditions, you could be offered a part-time dealer position at Elk Valley Casino.

Class is open to all applicants 21 years and older. Training is free of charge; however, you will not be compensated for your time. Interested applicants should contact Human Resources at 707-465-2627.

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